Sunday, 5 September 2010

Taylor Swift...

Oh my gosh how much do you love Taylor Swift's style??
I know that I adore her, her music and her style, she's fabulous.
Below is one of my absolute favourite outfits that Taylor has recently worn, but it's actually really really simple lol.

She's got a simple loose white shirt and a navy skirt, then she adds some super cute accessories like a large brown belt and a cute long strapped bag! With a cute updo and minimal eye make-up she can defo pull off that bright red lip :)
Taylor looks awesome here... like always haha

ugh my font keeps changing when I look at the preview, so I'm sorry if it's messed up :/
anyways I hope you enjoyed this wee bloggy bit and hopefully I'll be back soon :D


Thursday, 5 August 2010

It's been too long

haha it really has, I am gonna turn this into a fashion blog. Hopefully. It will have loads of outfits that I like from both myself and other celebrites such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ashley Greene, Anna Kedrick and Kristen Stewart.
Soo yeah thats all for now (that's me with my new glasses haha... nerd)

bye xox

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Hey there!!

Well, I don't really know what to say or how this works as a matter of fact lol!
So I might as well start with the boring crap :) haha. I am counting down the days until school finally finishes but as the same time I never ever ever ever ever want it to end because I am terrified that on Wednesday the 30th June I won't see one of my best friends again, she has moved house and is now moving schools and it just won't be the same without her! :( But then again, I really am in desperate need of a lie-in that isn't just on Sunday.
I am rather bored at the minute and am trolling through Perez Hilton looking for something interesting to read, like seriously page 25 and hardly anything! ha but oh well :P
JEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! haha woo Friday tomorrow :D:D:D:D
ugh! I have to go to work on Saturday, I work in McDonald's haha but its pretty fun and one of the guys I was working with was super duper hott! lol but other than that I have absolutely no plans for the weekend which sucks, I may text some people and see if they want to go out on Sunday but there is only like one option which sucks! ohh dayuum my friends play thing is on Saturday night so I am still to ask if I can go haha I really hope I can!
AHH my report comes next week, I think it is one of the worst ones I've ever had I have like a C in my favourite subject :O but on the plus side I have an A in English lit and was reallllllyyy close (like 3%) off an A in English writing which I am super pleased about :D
I'm listening to vampire weekend! woo check me out ;) haha yeahh today it was soo nice especially for where I live! I am in shorts for crying out loud haha
I'm still bored haha and I am sure you are too so I shall say bye comment and whatever :D love youu!! xx